A new Perspective
on Prinsenhof

This project was an asignment for the course "Architecture and Reuse" as part of the minor "Heritage & Design" at TU Delft. The challenge was to create a new design for the old Prinsenhof museum in Delft.

The central idea in this design is to create a series of voids connecting the basement and ground floor, offering a new perspective on the building itself while simplifying the routing and providing a better climate for the exhibition of sensitive artworks in the basement. These voids can be expressed in two ways:

Clean Cut vs Breakthrough

section drawing of a void as a clean cut section drawing of a void as a breakthrough
sketch of a clean cut variantsketch of a breakthrough variant
old photo of Prinsenhof during a renovation, showing a part of the vaults broken open

The old photo shows part of the vaults broken open during an extensive renovation in the 1940s. The space created by exposing the vaults in this way was an inspiration for the design.
A metal frame supports the new openings and forms the anchor point for the balustrade.
As shown in the diagram, the new museum has three routes. Each route consists of one main route with side-chambers. The main route leads through the basements

very rough sketch of the design on top of existing floor plans