I made this flat-pack piano as a school project in December 2013. It fits together without glue and is lasercut out of 3mm plywood. After some initial sketches I made a finalised design on paper, after which I drew all the parts in Illustrator.

The finished illustrator template, with all the parts fit on the 30x60cm canvas

It was quite a lot of work to get all the parts to fit on a 30x60cm canvas (which was the maximum size for the lasercutter), but eventually I managed.

Even after weeks of preparation, when cut out and put together for the first time, there were a few mistakes. Luckily the lasercutter stopped halfway through cutting, so before trying again I could fix my mistakes I had made. Now the lid is in balance and the rear leg actually supports the piano.

The five pianos on the open day

A fun thing that happened a few months later was that on the next open day of my school they used my piano model to demonstrate the lasercutter, so in one day five of them were produced.