model top view

Nieuwe Plantage

This project was an assignment for the course "Landscape & Transition", part of the minor "Heritage & Design" at TU Delft. The challenge: create a new design for the Nieuwe plantage park at the north side of the city centre of Delft.

In the past, wild nature had mainly negative connotations, but as we have less and less nature around us, we now begin to rediscover the value and beauty of wilderness. The large diversity of trees in the park is mostly exotic, the neat lawn of grass has little ecological value and looks artificial. But the organic shapes of the English landscape park will lend themselves well to the goal of rewilding this park. The new design preserves the structure, but the park will become a forest with open areas instead of an open area with trees. To increase biodiversity only indiginous species will be added, a layer of shrubbery will be planted underneath the trees, and the open areas, accessible from the footpaths, will be bordered by flowery herbs. At the eastern side a line of sight connects to the square in front of the school.

The maquette was a study of the elevations and the position of trees in the park. At two locations small walls will be placed along paths, as reference to a city wall once built there. These walls will fit in with the current terrain, loosely stacked chunks will accommodate ferns and animals. As can be seen in the impression below, next to the paths the top layer of the wall will be suitable to sit, look, listen and enjoy.

model close-upmodel close-upmodel close-up


park impression 1 after
beforepark impression 2 beforeafterpark impression 2 after
beforepark impression 3 beforeafterpark impression 3 after
design sketches