The Lamp

Making this desk lamp was a school project, just like the piano was. This time, though, we could use any material we wanted. I chose to use a combination of the flat-pack method, which I knew, and metal wire, which I was also familiar with.

The idea was to create a “pixar style” wooden lamp, with a lamp shade in the shape of a light bulb. Inside would be a smaller version made out out of metal, holding the actual lamp.

Movie of the Making of the Lamp

I made this little movie of the making of this lamp. I filmed the lasercutting and parts of the assembling and soldering, and made a short montage of it.

The first drawing of the lamp
The illustrator templates. The last two are final and ready for print, the first one is a working file with all individual parts.
The lamp
The lamp. The only ligthsource is the lamp itself.

I first designed the wooden part in illustrator and cut that out using the laser cutter. At first it seemed to be unstable, but fortunately after gluing it together it was. Then I soldered the metal piece so that it would fit into the wooden part. The bulb can be replaced by feeding back the cable and lifting the fitting out.