Timon Kuiters
Still from Frances HaMy year in Cinema - 2023 Amphitheatre of Sky - Land van ChabotLand van Chabot Still from L'Avventura of Monica Vitti looking out of a train windowMy year in Cinema - 2022 Logo of Sounds in Numbers on top of a background of a song analysis graphSounds in Numbers drawing of the new route through the Prinsenhof museumA New Perspective on Prinsenhof planting diagram of the park designNieuwe Plantage map of the new design for the neighbourhood with various overlaysTarwewijk: Metro in de Buurt A boat on edge of a waterfall, the edge of the world with the project title in front of itHere be Dragons - creation of the world map left side is a drawing of the desk lamp, right side is a photo showing the lamp lit-upThe Lamp two pictures of the model piano made out of lasercut plywoodPiano